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This menu varies from season to season. Daily specials and action meals are not listed. However, you are welcome to ask us by phone. We look forward to you!

Asparagus - Zucchini ragout

Asparagus - Zucchini ragout in lemon - arugula cream with eggplant - polenta cakes

16,80 €

Asparagus cream soup
Asparagus cream soup with shrimp and tomato concasse
7,30 €

Pork fillet with wild garlic crust
Pork fillet with wild garlic crust on creamy oyster mushroom - champignon ragout with asparagus vegetables
24,50 €

Bavette alla trapanese ai cozze e scampi

      Bavette in pistachio - tomato pesto with mussels and shrimp

18,90 €

Cannelloni con Ricotta, Salsiccia e funghi con sugo di Pommodori

 Cannelloni with Ricotta, Salsiccia and mushrooms in tomato sauce

15,90 €

Dorade Royal

Whole Dorade Royale with lemon - coriander butter on fresh spinach and patties 27.60

27,60 €