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This menu varies from season to season. Daily specials and action meals are not listed. However, you are welcome to ask us by phone. We look forward to you!

Zuppa di cozze e gamberetto

Shrimp mussel soup with fruity tomatoes and herbs


7,90 €

Ossobuco alla milanese con gnocchi burro e Salvia

Braised slices of veal shank with gnocchi in sage butter

24,90 €

Poached zander fillet

Poached zander fillet on brunoise vegetables in Lobster Butter Cream with Tagiarilini Nero and Broccoli

27,90 €

Pizza pollo con spinaci e cipolle

Tomatoes / cheese / spinach / chicken breast and onions

13,90 €

Fussiloni con Spezzatino di maiale

Fussiloni pasta with braised sliced ​​meat, fresh herbs, red onions and Parmesan in a red wine sauce

17,90 €

Beef liver - skewer grilled

Beef liver - skewer grilled on fresh mushrooms and bacon in lemon - white wine sauce with twisted tagliatelle


19,60 €

Roast beef medallions roasted with a pepper crust

Roast beef medallions roasted with a pepper crust Mint – shallot ragout and potatoes au gratin 



26,80 €