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Via Sistina Ristorante
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Spaghetti pesti genovese

Spaghetti with basil - pine nuts - olive oil

12,90 €

Spaghetti aglio e olio ai Peperonicini ai Gamberi

Spaghetti with olive oil / garlic / tomato disces / chilli and prawns

15,60 €

Penne al Amatriciana
Penne with a spicy tomato pancetta sauce
13,10 €

Penne con verdure e tacchino con salsa e curry

Penne with fresh vegetables and turkey breast in curry cream sauce

14,80 €

Lasagne al forno alla bolognese e prosciutto
Lasagne with minced meat and ham in a creamy tomato sauce, baked
11,80 €

Tagliatelle "Sistina"

Tagliatelle with roasted beef fillet tops on Gorgonzola cream sauce 

15,90 €

Tagliatelle "Navona"

Green tagliatelle on a sherry cream sauce with fried mushrooms and grilled turkey breast

15,70 €

Tagliatelle con Salmone e zucchini in vellutata di astice

Fried salmon in a lobster – red pepper cream sauce with zucchini stripes and white fettuccine

15,90 €